Foreword: by Dr. Perry Nickelston

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Flashback several years ago when I first met Karl. I remember like it was yesterday. He was attending a course I was teaching on “taping” for reducing pain and improving movement. He sat in the front row, left side on the end to be up close and personal to absorb all the information. When you teach long enough you can always pick out the ones in every class who are hungry to learn. They radiate a certain energy that is unmistakable: the energy of openness. It’s a characteristic that’s not easy to come by in the professional world. Dogma and paradigms often have a stranglehold on the brain preventing us from seeing new perspectives. Karl didn’t have that. A narrow-minded approach puts you on a fast track to hitting barriers and plateaus in helping individuals during their journey of healing. Never let your education limit you from learning new things. What we think we know today may be proven wrong tomorrow.

Ok, back to Karl. He was always asking relevant questions and trying to understand different ways to help his clients. That’s the mark of someone who cares more about others than themselves. Since that workshop Karl and I have become very good friends. It has been wonderful to see his journey in creating the book you are about to read. I’m honored that he asked me to write the forward because I feel like I was there in the beginning when the journey contained in these pages began.

If you are lucky enough in life, you discover your passion and your calling. Or as Simon Sinek calls it; your “why.” Why are you here? Few people ever truly find the path they were meant to walk. It takes strength and courage to walk the path because you can’t discover it without suffering. It’s through pain and suffering that you find yourself. It’s not easy and that’s why so few people do it. When you come out of the other side of suffering you find yourself wanting to share what you learned with others to somehow make their journey less painful. That’s what you are holding in your hands right now. Karl’s journey from the world of fat loss training to addressing the life altering disease of Parkinson’s is his “why.” Whenever I teach, I always tell my students, I don’t want you to leave here and do things like me. I want you to do things like you. That means bringing your unique perspective and life experiences into changing/improving/creating even better approaches. That’s what discovery is; combining information taken from many different places and making it your own – a buffet of learning and sharing while acknowledging those who have come before you.

So many new discoveries have been made regarding the brain over the past decade and surprisingly there is still much we don’t know. The brain is really the final frontier of the amazing Universe we call the human body. Can you imagine there used to be a time when scientists didn’t think you could change the brain? We were told that it simply declines and degenerates and “what you’ve got, you’ve got.” However, now we know that the brain can change itself. It’s called Neuroplasticity, an elegant word that means you can change your brain, change how you feel, change how you move and change your life. As long as your brain is not dead, there is always a way to change it. Movement is a fundamental part of the change. The strategies in this book are designed to show you how.

The most enduring relationship you will have over your lifetime is the one with your mind and body. We know the brain thrives on novelty and motion. It loves movement and craves play. Movement is the spark for learning. Movement is the only accessible way to tell your body you still want to live. The brain loves variation, variety and variability. These help us to be more robust and resilient in our life movement skills. Can you adapt to anything life sends your way? Adaptability determines the stress response of your body to the environment. The funny thing is, the brain craves of novelty, but it also seeks patterns. As human beings we are designed to break down the things we see into manageable patterns. Patterns create a sense of safety and stability. So, the challenge in movement is to give the brain and body new stimuli without creating too much threat to the nervous system where it will not allow you to break poor habits. Strategies for managing movement are dictated by the task being performed. You will see many approaches and variations of tasks during the course of this book. Get ready for some fun.

The programming and movement approaches in this book will give your brain the stimulus it is craving. I call it ‘Brain Candy.’ Who doesn’t love candy? It’s a blueprint satisfying the cravings the human brain has for connection and meaning via movement and play. By using the simple, fun-damental, necessary and meaningful approaches in this program, you can make powerful changes to the brain. The solution doesn’t have to be complicated to work. Changes will begin to occur fast, simply by the act of “beginning.” New things ignite the brain. It took a while to make a pattern and it’s gonna take a while to break a pattern. Stick with the program and you can take back control of your brain and body. It’s crying out for it. You cannot get well in the same environment you became ill within. Karl and the incredible contributors to this groundbreaking book are going to help you change the environment of your mind and body. 

We had a flashback in the beginning and now it’s time to flashforward to 2020. Karl is now traveling the world teaching his own specialized course on Parkinson’s Regeneration Training. He has written this book with contributions from some of the best in the industry and started an in-depth personalized membership site to share even more content with the world. He has rubbed shoulders with and learned from some of the most knowledgeable scientists and researchers in the world of Parkinson’s. But, more importantly he works with real people every day who are suffering in all different phases of this insidious disease. He sees the effect it has on the client and their loved ones. He witnesses every day the transformation that takes place for the client and their loved ones from doing the Parkinson’s Regeneration Program. This book is in your hands because of love, the love of all who created it and the love you have for helping yourself, a loved one, and anyone else who is suffering. It was created from a dream. Karl’s dream.  It was created using the best research we have available today about this disease and everyday application of programming that helps real human beings experience its benefits.

I personally want to commend you for purchasing this book. Read it. Do it. Share it. Read it again. Repeat. That’s how you change the world. Do LTA’s every day. What is an LTA? Little tiny action steps – because little becomes a monster of change. Setting a goal and moving towards it can be overwhelming which may lead to inactivity from fear. The secret is to simply “begin.”  Take one small step at a time in any direction. That’s momentum. Nothing happens until something moves. You be that something. Small steps done repeatedly while adapting along the way creates magic. Do magic. Lastly, I want to thank Karl for being a friend, an inspiration, a doer, a teacher, forever a student, and a shining example of how you can change the world when you combine passion with action. Grit can make a dream come true. Much love my friend. Keep doing your magic. The world needs more of it. And so it begins…

Perry Nickelston, DC

Founder of Stop Chasing Pain