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Balance impairment is a common symptom in patients living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s, post-stroke and peripheral neuropathy.  From increased fall risk to reduced independence, compromised dynamic stability can place a heavy emotional burden on these patients.

One of the most effective ways to improve dynamic stability in these patients is to focus on optimizing sensory stimulation. Touch, whether it be the hands or feet, creates an access point between the environment and the brain to better control movement coordination.

The glabrous skin of the plantar foot houses hundreds of mechanoceptors which are sensitive to two-point discrimination, deep pressure, skin stretch and vibration.  When we walk, climb and explore our environments, the sensory stimulation of the foot goes through the brain stem to the thalamus and then to the somatosensory cortex of the cerebrum to shape motor development and coordination.

Jean-Ayres, the founder of Sensory Integration Theory, has demonstrated that when touch is lacking, as in the case of chronic sock and footwear use, it can be associated with depressed motor and mental functioning. She has further found that a lack of sensory nerve stimulation can negatively affect the Reticular Activating System (RAS) which is critical in awakening the neocortex. This can lead to impaired muscular movements, overreaction to stress, emotional disturbances and learning deficits.


Research study after research study has demonstrated the power of textured insoles for patients living with a neurological injury, however until Naboso Technology™ there were no commercially available textured insoles.   From s/p concussions to MS and Parkinson’s, the improvement of postural control and gait through the stimulation of the skin on the plantar foot has given hope to many patients.  Naboso Technology™ is proud to be the first and *only* company that has a textured insole commercially available for the improvement of balance and posture.

To learn more about Naboso™ evidence-based and patent-pending products, please find below a few of the research studies:


Parkinson’s Regeneration Training is currently integrating Naboso™ Insoles and Mats into their patients / clients rehabilitation programs including MS, Parkinson’s Disease, s/p stroke, s/p concussion or traumatic brain injury, children with sensory spectrum disorders, s/p chronic joint instability or surgery, osteoarthritis and peripheral neuropathy including diabetic, chemo-related and Idiopathic.