Our Team

Alison Kalani Klaum, NASM CPT, CES

Alison is an NASM-certified personal trainer who specializes in corrective exercise and human movement. In addition to her Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES) through NASM, she has also received extensive training through the Brookbush Institute of Human Movement Science and is close to completing her Human Movement Specialization.

Alison works with older and special populations, particularly those who are recovering from injury or have neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Because she also has several family members who have PD, she is particularly passionate about working with those who are impacted by the disease. Recognizing the importance of ground-based exercise and primal movements to improving human movement, Alison has also recently become a certified Animal Flow® instructor.

She is excited to bring her knowledge of this innovative, bodyweight approach—good for both the brain and the body—to PRT workshops. Combining her nearly 10 years of experience as an educator with a passion for human movement, Alison is honored to join the PRT Instructor team.


Phyllis Amaral, NASM CPT and CES, ACE GFI and Senior Fitness Specialist, Yoga Instructor

In addition to providing personal training and individual yoga instruction to clients at home and online, she teaches Silver Sneakers, TRX and other group fitness classes. Her clients range in age from 27 to 93, healthy as well as those with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, MSA, Charcot-Marie-Tooth and Fibromyalgia. She loves working with all people but particularly enjoys helping seniors become better able to move and enjoy their lives.

Helping others get healthy and fit through exercise and diet has been her passion for over 30 years, making the process simpler, easier, and even fun.

Additional certifications include EBFA Barefoot Specialist Level 2, IIN Health Coach, Juice Therapist, TRX and for the past year has been studying the relationship of gut health to brain health. She looks forward to bringing her unique blend of training, education and experience to the PRT Instructor team.


Rubén Artavia, NASM CPT, CES, FNS

Rubén is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer based in Costa Rica. He has worked in the fitness industry for 7 years now, and he specializes in elderly population training mind and body as a whole.

He studied Physical Education in Costa Rica but most of his education has been traveling around U.S, looking for helping more people achieve their personal goals moving better and feeling better.

Rubén has been assisting Karl Sterling, owner of PhysioChains Education which currently offers level 1 and 2 “Parkinson’s Regeneration Training ®️” courses worldwide.


Karl Sterling is an NASM Master Trainer based in Syracuse, New York, and is the CEO and creator of the Parkinson’s Regeneration Training ® education program. While his extensive experience as a trainer includes working with a variety of populations, he primarily specializes in working with clients who have movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, MSA (Multiple System Atrophy), MS, Charot-Marie-Tooth, Alzheimer’s and more.

Karl travels extensively throughout the United States and internationally as an educator in the fitness training and human movement arena. He is the Chief Operating Officer of Agile Human Performance, Inc, and Chief Research Office for 3 Brains Fitness, LLC. Karl is the owner of PhysioChains LLC which currently offers level 1 and 2 Parkinson’s Regeneration Training ® courses world wide.

In addition, Karl is the founder and president of the Parkinson’s Global Project, a foundation dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders all over the world.